Rev. David Ross, Associational Missions Strategist


I wish that when God wanted me to do something or know something that He would just send me an email or a text.  That would make things so much simpler!  But God in His wisdom wants us to seek Him in prayer, faith and through His Word.  He wants us to rely on our relationship with Him instead of our technology.  Many of us struggle to know God’s will.  Many churches are struggling today about how to minister in this time of the Coronavirus. Should they have a drive-in service?  Should they meet inside while observing social distancing and other safe guidelines?  Should people wear a mask to protect others just in case they have unknowingly been infected with the disease but are not showing symptoms yet? Each church must decide for themselves with God’s help what is best for their particular church. Let us be kind and graceful with those who make different choices than I or my church may make.  And in a similar way, we should not condemn or ridicule those church members who feel differently than we do about the wisdom of returning to inside church services. I do have this one word of advice for church leaders for when you decide to return to inside church meetings.  Let your congregation know ahead of time and repeatedly what steps you will be taking to keep them safe. That will help them to feel safer about returning to inside church services. See the article from our NC Baptist State Convention for “Reopening Church,” for some great ideas for keeping our people safe as we return to inside church services.


From the very earliest days, the fellowship of Christians with each other was very important. The Bible says, “And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers” (Acts 2:42, KJV). 

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