Rev. Ozzie Vater is serving Anson Baptist Association as Interim Director of Missions. His office hours are Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 AM until 2 PM. You can reach him at the office at 704-694-2790  or by mobile at 863-838-9899 and as well as at Please let him know of any way that he can be of assistance to you.


A Message from our Interim Associational Missions Strategist 

Fellow Servants,

Summer is about over, schools are back in session and things are starting to pick up in your association! I want to take this edition of the newsletter to focus on some future happenings going on around us.

1)  A big "thank you" to our Baptist men for building a handicap-accessible ramp to allow easier entrance and egress into our office. There has also been an update and remodeling of the woman's restroom. We are grateful to those who have invested their time to make these things happen!

2) The Executive Council has worked hard to develop a new format for our Annual meeting in October. It has been streamlined considerably, should greatly reduce the time spent doing business and major on worshipping our Lord. More about this in next month's letter but I hope you will put October 13 at Mt. Beulah Church beginning at 3:45 on your calendars. 


3) The weekly pastor’s meetings at the office will begin again on Wednesday September 4 at 10am. All pastors are invited for an informal time of fellowship, prayer and conversation with like-minded brothers in Christ. These meetings will help alleviate the isolation and loneliness pastoral ministry often creates and give each attendee a confidential springboard to air their ideas and other ministry challenges. I hope you will consider this time as part of your weekly calendar and join us as often as your busy schedules allow.

4)  As you may know, Nancy and I are hosting what will most likely be our final trip to Israel this February. We already have 8 pilgrims registered with several others pending and we would love to have some of our fellow Ansonians join us. Pastors, this is a great educational opportunity to enhance your ministry and it is tax-deductible.

     Some other activities that may interest you are posted elsewhere in this newsletter. If you have any questions or I can assist you in any other way, please let me know.


Sincerely Yours and Securely His,


Rev. Ozzie Vater, Interim DOM

PO Box 958, Wadesboro, North Carolina 28170

Phone: 704-694-2790