Vacation Bible School - 2022

Cathedral Baptist Church: June 5-9

New Home Baptist Church: June 11-16

Red Hill Baptist Church: June 12-16

Cedar Grove Baptist Church: June 16-18

Mt. Carmel Baptist Church: June 19-22

Deep Creek Baptist Church: June 20-24

Oakdale Baptist Church: July 25-29

On April 2, 2022, Lilesville Baptist Church hosted the regional N.C. Bible Drills. We had 11 churches represented with 49 Bible Drillers and 1 contestant for the speaker's tournament. We had a blessed day meeting folks from other churches in our region. We also have a High School Bible Driller with 9 years in Bible drill, Josh Thomas. Josh will be representing our church in the state drill in Hudson, NC on April 30. Please keep us in your prayers. We would love to introduce the Bible Drill to other churches in our association. Just contact Nancy Gulledge at 704-848-4401 and we would be glad to schedule a demonstration drill for your church.