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Church Renewal

Journey Dinner

Thursday, March 2 at 6:00 PM


The Pastor & One other Leader

from each church is invited.

Pastors may appoint another leader from their church if they cannot attend.



Pray for Anson County! Please plan on joining together with the other churches of our association during the month of April to pray for lostness in Anson County!  We will also be praying for each church, pastor and civil leader of our county!  We hope to have a prayer guide available soon that you can use as a resource, or you can write your own. Ideas for celebrating Pray Anson might include:

  • Have special prayer each Sunday during the month of April for county leaders and first responders! 

  • Invite a county leader to attend or offer a prayer for our county during a service.

  • Have a special prayer service to pray for our county and the loss that live all around us.


You can find ideas and helpful promotion materials and information at: Just Click the “Pray Anson” button from the menu that runs across the top of the webpage and choose which item you want to view from the dropdown menu.



Love Anson

Serving Our Community

With The Love Of God


April 29, 2023 or May 6, 2023


What is Love Anson?

Love Anson is a big one-day mission blitz or community service day where many of our churches will reach out beyond the walls and membership of their churches to love and serve the lost and hurting of their community. Imagine being a part of missions movement that is stretching across our great state of North Carolina as “Serve NC.” Some groups call it Operation InAsmuch. We call it Love Anson!  Imagine the excitement of your church engaging your community in the name and love of Christ?  Imagine having 1/3 to ½ of your church attendance working together to serve your community!! Imagine being a part of a state wide mission effort of churches serving their communities across North Carolina! You can find ideas and helpful promotion materials information at: Just Click the “Love Anson” button from the menu that runs across the top of the webpage and choose which item you want to view from the dropdown menu. You can also find information at .




From David’s Desk


The King will say, “Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.” (Matt. 25:40) 


These words from the King in the parable of the Sheep and the Goats from Matthew 25 remind us that God’s love for us is so great that he considers what is done to us as if it were done to Him. Sometimes we feel that way about our spouse or children.  Whether they have been blessed or insulted by another, we take it personally too because they are our much-loved family.


So, to provide loving service to others is like loving and serving Christ Himself.  Have you loved Christ by serving someone else lately?  Not because you had to, or owed them, but simply because you love them with the love of Christ?  Can I challenge you this week, and the ones that follow, to look for opportunities to love Christ by serving those whom He loves?


This newsletter is full of ministry opportunities and possibilities from praying and giving money to taking Christ to those outside of our churches who will not come in. 

< >Pray Anson – praying for the needs of our own County!Week of Prayer and Missions Offering for North American MissionsLove Anson – churches reaching our beyond their walls and membership to help the “least of these.”Outside Church for those who will not come to an inside church!Association Mission Trip to the Shelby area.Outreach ministry to the Hispanic people who live in our countyBaptist Children’s Home Food Round up in AprilOpportunities to support and volunteer in great organizations like Anson Crisis, Feed My Lambs, Burnsville Learning Center, and the Hope Pregnancy Resource Center.  

IRS Raises Mileage Rate

The IRS has raised the business/ministry mileage rate in 2023 to .655 cents per mile. Be sure your        

pastors and staff are not shortchanged by using the old rate.



Anson Baptist Association

Mission Opportunities


If you or your church would be interested in being involved in one of our associational projects below,  as a volunteer or prayer partner, please contact David, our AMS, at (704) 694-2790 or by email at


1. Outside Worship. Seeking to reach people with a relaxed, informal, worship service, who are not attracted to traditional churches. Target Start Date: May 7, 2023 at 9 AM. We are praying for a core group of about 10 people to welcome, encourage, preach, lead worship, witness, disciple or set up and tear down each Sunday morning.  Our hope is to start the service at 9:00 AM, be finished by 10 AM and be packed up and on our way back to our churches by 10:30 p.m. Please pass this information on to anyone in your church that you think might be interested


2. Summer Mission Trip.

You are invited to join our team of mission minded men and women from across our association as we seek to share the love of Jesus in Shelby, NC!  We will be working with Baptist On Mission’s Shelby Mission Camp to do various construction related ministry projects like wheel chair ramps or home repairs for the disadvantaged. We are also planning on being involved with a Vacation Bible School or Backyard Bible Club. The cost for the trip is $20, and includes meals, lodging and a t-shirt! Please call, email or drop by to register for the trip by May 18th. Our first Mission Trip Team Meeting is planned for Thursday, May 18th at 6:30 p.m. at the ABA Mission Resource Center. Anyone who works with Children will have to have a background check. That is standard policy these days. Since we will be working with Baptist On Mission, we will have to follow their rules and guidelines. Bring a friend and help us share the love of Jesus in word and deed! For more information, please contact David Ross.


3. English As A Second Language Class

We are hoping to reach Spanish speakers and others who live in Anson County, but are not fluent in English. Target Start Date: September 14, 2023.  Anyone interested should contact David.


Anson County

Ministry Needs

Anson Crisis Ministry: The March need is green beans. Volunteers are needed to serve, and monetary donations are appreciated as well. ACS hours are: MTWF: 8 am – 1 pm. Margot Barnes is director and can be reached at 704-694-2445. Additional information can be found at: .


HOPE Crisis Pregnancy Resource Center: Volunteers,  diapers and wipes are needed. HOPE is located at 101 Moore’s Lake Rd., Wadesboro. To learn more, go to: or call 704-690-6689 for assistance. Rebekah Carpenter is the director. The Annual HOPE fundraising banquet is scheduled for March 30th.  More information forthcoming.


Anson Domestic Violence Coalition needs cleaning and hygiene products for their clients as well as gift cards to dollar general, food lion or visa for gas. For assistance or information, call 704-694-4499. Karen Baucom is their director.


Feed My Lambs provide food and clothing to the needy. To volunteer in this ministry, donate, or seek assistance, please contact them at 704-695-1820 or PO Box 91, Wadesboro, NC, 28170. They also accept donations of canned and dry foods. You can learn more about Feed My Lambs at: . They are located at 2290 Hwy. 74 W, Wadesboro.


Burnsville Recreation & Learning Center welcomes volunteers as well as financial support. Volunteers are needed for any amount of time between the hours of 9 am and 1 pm any day of the week, 7 days a week. All donations are tax deductible. Additionally, mentors are  needed to tutor children with reading and math for 1 hour in the afternoons from 4 to 5 pm. Others are needed to help with job seeking tasks. There may also be a paid opportunity for a part-time instructor through SPCC. If you can help in any of these areas, please contact Director, Carol Smith, at 704-778-7478. BRLC is located at 13349 Hwy. 742N Polkton.


BRLC will be hosting a Red Cross Blood Drive on Wednesday, March 8th, from 1 pm until 6 pm. Everyone is encouraged to participate. You can register online at and click on Burnsville. Please share this information and urge others to donate.

Week of Prayer

For North American Missions

March 5-12, 2023

Send the Hope of the Gospel


Across North America, more than 281 million people are estimated to be without Christ. Your gifts to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering fuel the work of more than 2,400 missionaries who are reaching people with the good news of the gospel. 100% of your gifts go to work on the field!


Your gifts could provide:

< >Missionary Training Resources, $100Bibles & Discipleship Materials, $300Neighborhood Outreach Event, $500

Ministers' Tax Guide


GuideStone's updated 2023 Ministers' Tax Guide provides the pastors we serve with help on common tax-related questions and issues. Download the tax guide at


2023 Calendar



March 2: Church Renewal Dinner at 6:00 PM

March 5-11: Week of Prayer for North American


March 12 Daylight Savings Time Begins

March 19: Church Planting Sunday

March 21: WMU Annual Meeting at Pleasant Grove

  Baptist Church at 6:00 PM Fellowship & 7:00 Meeting

March 23: ABA Executive Council Meeting

March 30: HOPE Fundraising Banquet

March 31-April 2, Polkton Baptist “Awakening” Church

  Renewal Weekend


March Birthdays!

Cathy Threatt – 1

Debbie Cash – 18

Teddy Lawson – 28



Dennis & Robin Stegall - 7

Tim & Kristi Helms – 30



April Calendar


April 9: Resurrection Day!

April 16: ABA Spring Meeting, Cedar Grove BC

April 16: Fill the Tank

April 29: Love Anson Day!


The Pastors/WMU Directors and Spouses Appreciation Dinner at Red Hill Baptist Church has been postponed until May 5th.


Weekly Pastor’s Conference

Mondays at 10:30 a.m.


During the month of March are discussing Thom Rainer’s book The Anatomy of a REVIVED CHURCH, “Seven Findings about How Congregations Avoided Death.” Join us for a great time of discussion and fellowship! Those who have the time enjoy going to lunch together afterwards!


In God We Trust

“In God We Trust” is our nation’s motto. It reminds us of our Christian heritage and Who has blessed our nation so mightily over the years!  The US Motto Action Committee has successfully helped 62 counties and 47 town halls in North & South Carolina to be able to display the US Motto, “In God We Trust” on their public buildings. Richmond County public buildings are a good example.  The display of the motto is provided by private donations and does not cost the local governments anything.


The Motto has already been placed inside the Board of Commissioner’s meeting room and on some of the new county sheriff’s vehicles. You can help get our national motto, “In God We Trust,” placed on the exterior of the Main Anson County Government building, the County Annex, and the sheriff’s office in Wadesboro. The estimated cost for the first two buildings is $4800.00. The US Motto Action Committee is looking for businesses, churches and individuals to help raise the funds for these three projects.


For more information or to donate contact:

Rick Lanier- Field Director

US Motto Action Committee

PO Box 1351

Lexington, NC 27293


Phone 336-798-7700

Mobile 336-225-9030


For more information go to:



BeDoTell Summer Youth Weeks

June 12-Aug. 11, 2023

For more information or to register go to:



April 16, 2023

"Fill the Tank"


What if we could see thousands profess Christ through believer’s baptism on a single day? That’s the heartbeat behind the statewide “Fill the Tank” baptism emphasis.


We’re encouraging every N.C. Baptist church to fill their baptism tanks on April 16 and trust God to save people between now and then. Will you commit to “fill the tank?”


Step 1: Commit

Sign up today. Begin praying and trusting God to save souls between now and April.


Step 2: Call

Introduce “Fill the Tank’’ to your congregation, and call people to repentance, faith and baptism. Plan evangelistic outreach and training to help win souls before Fill the Tank Day, April 16, 2023.


Step 3: Celebrate

We want to celebrate with you so share your story! Tag @ncbaptist and #fillthetanknc on social media.


To sign up or for more information go to:



Friends of Children

Baptist Children’s Homes of NC


Baptist Children's Homes hosts its Saturday “Friends of Children” workdays (FOC) at its statewide locations in the spring and fall. Your church group will be able to directly impact BCH’s boys and girls while seeing the ministry firsthand. It’s the perfect way to make a difference within our North Carolina mission field. A free lunch is served, and tours are available.


Spring Friends of Children

April 15: Cameron Boys Camp, Cameron

May 6: Camp Duncan, Aberdeen

May 13: Kennedy Home, Kingston

May 20 Odum Home, Pembroke

Register at:

Toll Free: 1-800-476-3669



Needed Items 2023


__ Household cleaning products  
    (i.e. bleach, Comet, Lysol
    spray & wipes, Clorox spray,
    Windex  Pinesol, Pledge, Tilex, etc.)

__ Canned Fruits

__ Fruit Juice (Apple, Orange,
    Grape, Cranberry)

__ Laundry Detergent
__ Paper Products (paper

     towels, toilet paper,

     Kleenex, napkins)

__ Baked Beans

__ Bottled Water

__ Dry Cereal

__ Spaghetti Sauce

__ Pasta (Spaghetti, Lasagna,


__ Canned Tomatoes (diced,

     sauce, paste)

__ Pancake Mix and Syrup

__ Soups (All types &


__ Sugar (Granulated & Brown)

__ Flour

__ Stevia and Splenda

__ Popcorn, Kettle Corn

__ Apple Sauce

__ Fruit Pie Filling (Cherry, Peach)

__ Beverage Mixes (Tea, Tang,

     Kool-Aid, Lemonade, Cider

     Mix - All Sugar Free)

__ Vegetable Oil, Shortening,

     Olive Oil, Pam Cooking

     Spray, Bakers Choice

__ Stuffing Mix

__ Gravy Mixes

__ Canned Sweet Potatoes,

     Canned Yams, Canned


__ Canned Meats (pink

     salmon, tuna, roast beef,

     chicken - packed in water)

__ Hamburger, Chicken, Tuna

     Helper (all types)

__ Pickles (Sweet & Dill)

__ Refried Beans

__ Hot Chocolate Mix

__ Snack Foods with & without

     sugar (Fruit Rollups, Fruit

     Cups, Beef Jerky, Slim Jims,

     Pepperoni Sticks, Cheese

     Nips, Pretzels, etc.)

__ Health Snacks (Dried

     Fruit, Nuts, Raisins,

     Cranraisins, Trail Mix)

__ Individual Cookie Packs

__ Jello

__ PopTarts

__ Rice

__ Instant Potatoes (scalloped,

     au gratin, mashed, julienne)

__ Muffin Mixes

__ Bisquick Mix

__ Kidney Beans

__ Pickle Relish

__ Cranberry Sauce

__ Mac & Cheese

__ Corn Meal

__ Jiffy Mixes, Corn Muffin


__ Potatoes

__ Hush Puppy Mix

__ Peanut Butter

__ Jelly, Jams, Preserves

     (Strawberry is a favorite)

__ Pizza & Pizza Dough Mix

__ Saltine Crackers, Ritz

     Crackers, Graham

     Crackers, Nabs

__ Sauces (A-1, Steak, BBQ,

     Texas Pete, Cheese,

     Worcestershire, Soy,

     Teriyaki, Sweet & Sour)

__ Spices and Seasonings

     (including Salt & Pepper)

__ Dishwashing detergents

__ Laundry pre-treating

     products (i.e. Shout, Spray

     and Wash)

__ HE Laundry Detergent

__ Brooms, Mops, Scrub

     Brushes, Dust Pans

__ Foil and Plastic Wrap

__ SOS Pads

__ Fabric Softener (Dryer


__ Sanitary Pads & Tampons

__ Hand Lotion

__ Shampoo

__ Soap



__ Brownie, Cookie,

     Cake Mixes & Icing

__ Canned Vegetables (no corn

     (or green beans

__ Individual Chef Boyardee cups

__ Clif nutritional bars

__ Hot Dog Chili

__ Coffee (Regular & Decaf)

__ Coffee Creamer

__ Sweetened Condensed Milk

__ Evaporated Milk

__ Powdered Milk

__ Flavorings (Vanilla, etc.)

__ French Fried Onions

__ Honey

__ Ketchup

__ Mustard

__ Oatmeal

__ Parmesan Cheese

__ Puddings, Pudding Cups

__ Salsa

__ Vinegar

__ Paper Products (Cups,

     Plates, Bowls, Plastic Ware,

     Dixie Cups)

__ Copy/Printer Paper

__ Trash Bags (large & small)

__ Zip-Loc bags (Sandwich,

     Snack, Quart & Gallon Sizes)

__ Band Aids

__ Rubbing Alcohol/Peroxide

__ Anti-bacterial ointment

__ Razors

__ Shaving Cream/Shaving Gel

__ Dental Floss

__ Hair brushes

__ Deodorant

__ Conditioner

__ Tooth Paste

__ Tooth Brushes

__ Diapers (all sizes)

__ Baby Wipes

__ Bug Repellent

__ Wasp/Hornet Spray

__ Sunblock 30+

__ Batteries (AA , AAA and D)

__ Disposable Gloves

     (Non-Latex ONLY)

__ Heavy Duty Soap

     (Fast Orange)


Gift Cards are appreciated for buying perishables and items not received. (i.e. Wal-Mart, Sams Clubs, Food Lion, Lowes, Ingles)

- We use all size cans. Some locations prefer #10 (family size).


IMPORTANT: Please check for expired dates on food – we cannot accept expired items.


Please help our volunteer truck drivers by packing your church’s donations in small, sturdy boxes.

Pack like items together. Please do not pack chemicals with food.


Alan Williams

336-474-1277 for more info


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