May 2022

Following Jesus


“And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.” (Luke 9:23)


We deeply appreciate how Jesus denied Himself and literally took up His cross to follow and obey the Father’s will in order to save to us. But too many of us try to overlook the Lord’s command here in Luke 9:23. It applies to every believer, to every Christian, and therefore it applies to every Church too.


Every Christian and church are called to “deny” themselves for Christ. What does that mean?  It means that we deny ourselves those pleasures that the world indulges in, but God commands us to abstain from. It means that we deny ourselves some good things so that we can have God’s best things.  It means that we deny our PREFERENCES and wants when they get in the way of reaching and making disciples for Christ.


Every Christian and church are called to “take up their cross.” Jesus literally died to save us on the cross.  The cross reminds us that we too need to “die” to sin and self. It reminds us to die to selfishness.  Jesus did, and He commands us to die to self as well. Too many church leaders would rather argue and fuss over their wants and preferences than die to self to help their church reach and save those who are headed to hell.


Every Christian and church are called to “follow” Jesus.  It costs something to truly follow Christ. To follow the Father’s will cost Christ His life. Will you give your all to Christ so that you can follow Him in seeking to save the lost and help the hurting?  Will you die to anything that gets in the way of following Jesus?  Will you actively seek to serve and witness for Christ where you are and anywhere that He takes you?


No one who is successful in business or athletics achieves success without self-denial and a commitment to do

whatever it takes to reach their goal.  We will never accomplish much for Christ personally or as a church unless we are willing to deny ourselves and follow His will and Word. Only then can we reach the goal of saving our family, friends and neighbors from a wasted life now and an eternity in hell.


May God help us as an association to deny ourselves and our ways in order that we might follow Christ and win Anson County for Him!


I love you all in Christ!



Calendar of Events for May

May 17 NC State Primary. Please vote!


Pastor Fellowship Meetings

Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m.

Church Revitalization


Our first pastor’s revitalization cohort meeting is coming up in early May.  If you would like to join and lead your church in the revitalization journey, please let David know as soon as possible.


2022 Mother’s Day Offering


The Mother’s Day offering helps relieve the burden of crippling medical bills for patients of Atrium Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.  Pray that the 2022 Mother’s Day Offering will be enough to assist all of the patients in need this year. Offering promotional materials will be available April 1st.  But you can go ahead and place your order for materials at, or by contacting Brian K. Davis at 336.716.1033 


State Primary Election

May 17, 2022

Please vote!


To see a sample ballot to help you know who is running, go to: . Fill out the form and “click” the blue “Search” button. Then scroll down to the box that says, “Your Sample Ballot.” Then “click” on the number that is to the right of “05/17/2022 PRIMARY” in blue. Research the names to see who will best represent your values and serve America the best.



Anson County Ministry Needs


Anson Crisis Ministry: The May item is rice (any size bag). Hours are: MTWF: 8:00 AM until 1:00 PM. Volunteers are needed to serve, and monetary donations are appreciated as well. Margot Barnes is director and can be reached at 704-694-2445. More information can be found at .


Feed My Lambs: Feed My Lambs has helped over 15,000 people during the Covid epidemic! They are currently experiencing some food shortages from the regional food bank and need donations to purchase additional food from other sources. Please contact them at 704-695-1820 or PO Box 91, Wadesboro, NC, 28170. You can learn more about this ministry at The Ministry is located at 2290 Hwy. 74 W, Wadesboro, NC.


Anson Domestic Violence Coalition: Cleaning and hygiene products are needed for our clients. You can reach this ministry at 704-694-4499.

Hope Crisis Pregnancy Resource Center: Donations of diapers and wipes are currently needed. The center is located at 101 Moores Lake Rd., Wadesboro. To learn more about this ministry - or you may call 704-690-6689 for assistance or information. Rebekah Carpenter is the director.


May Birthdays!


John Greene - 4

Olia Storz - 15

Tommy Threatt - 20

Karen Gerald – 31

Kim Glenn – 31




Johnny & Judy Williams – 9

Jerome & Debbie Cash - 15

Marty & Angel Quick - 21

Mark & Tonya Swaringen – 27

Tom & Nadine Walden - 30

Randy & Terri Swaringen – 31



On April 2, 2022, Lilesville Baptist Church hosted the regional N.C. Bible Drills. We had 11 churches represented with 49 Bible Drillers and 1 contestant for the speaker's tournament. We had a blessed day meeting folks from other churches in our region. We also have a High School Bible Driller with 9 years in Bible drill, Josh Thomas. Josh will be representing our church in the state drill in Hudson, NC on April 30. Please keep us in your prayers. We would love to introduce the Bible Drill to other churches in our association. Just contact Nancy Gulledge at 704-848-4401 and we would be glad to schedule a demonstration drill for your church. 



Awesome Training

for Music Leaders!


NC Baptists are launching new initiatives in partnership with Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and Fruitland Baptist Bible College designed to equip worship leaders for effective ministry. Beginning July 2022, leaders can choose from training events and undergraduate and graduate certificates that will equip them to better serve their churches in leading worship. Learn more at:

Baptist Children’s Homes

 of North Carolina

One-Day Missions for All Ages

Saturday Opportunities:

May 21: Camp Duncan, Aberdeen


Work side by side with BCH’s boys, girls and staff, Tour children’s cottages, and enjoy a free lunch. Registration is 8:30-9:00 am. Projects are 9 am to noon. Visit to register. Contact Allan Williams at or 336-474-1277 for more information.

Appalachian Christmas Outreach 2022


The Appalachian Coalfields Ministry, sponsored by Baptists on Mission, seeks to meet physical and spiritual needs of people living in the Appalachian Area. Working with scores of ministry centers and small churches in five Appalachian states, we need volunteers and resources to meet needs. One of the greatest ministry needs in this area occurs around Christmastime. BOM is calling on churches statewide to respond to this need through Appalachian Christmas Outreach 2022. Our goal is to collect 19,000 backpacks of items to be distributed to Appalachian children in areas of need in late November and December 2022. Statewide collection date will be Saturday, November 5th. For more information go to the website below or contact our office here at the ABA.


Share the Good News!

Have a special service that you would like to invite your sister ABA churches to? We would be glad to share it in our ABA newsletter. Just have the information turned in to us by the 15th of the month.


VBS Dates:

Cathedral Baptist Church: June 5-9

New Home Baptist Church: June 11-16

Red Hill Baptist Church: June 12-16

Cedar Grove Baptist Church: June 16-18

Mt. Carmel Baptist Church: June 19-22

Deep Creek Baptist Church: June 20-24

Oakdale Baptist Church: July 25-29


If you have a special service that you would like to invite your sister ABA churches to, we would be glad to share it in our ABA newsletter. Please turn in the information by the 15th of the month.

The Anson Baptist Associational office will be closed on Monday, May 30th, for Memorial Day.