Pray Anson Prayer Guide


April 1 – 30, 2021


Out of the 100 counties in NC, Anson is my favorite! Our county is ranked #75 in population, about 92 in terms of wealth (or lack of it), and has a poverty rate of 21.4%.  Like all of the 100 counties of NC, we too struggle with crime, drugs, alcoholism, violence, gangs and homelessness.  Add to that mix the pressures, stress and suffering brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, and we have many people who are hurting.  Some are lonely in quarantine; some have lost a loved one to the virus or been sick themselves.  Others have lost their jobs and are struggling financially. Students, teachers and parents are struggling and stressed by trying to manage the education of their children during the pandemic. What can we do?  The problems are so large and deep that most of us feel overwhelmed at the size of the need and don’t even know where to start to make a difference for Jesus Christ in our county!  The best place to start is in prayer! The Bible says, “I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men” (1 Timothy 2:1).


When trying to get a handle on the spiritual need in our county consider that 20% of Adults in NC have no religion that they identify with at all.  Another 3% belong to other religions which means that 23% of our population in NC, and probably Anson County as well, are lost.  They have not repented from their sins and placed their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  That would mean that out of a population of about 25,000 people, 5750 are clearly lost. I fear that the spiritual need is in reality much greater.  Consider that 29% of Americans never attend church and another 25% seldom attend church.  There are thousands of lost people in our nation and in our county.  They are our family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. Many of them are people we love and care about, and the road that they are currently traveling will lead them to hell.  That should break our hearts!  But what can we do?  Pray! We should pray with the confidence that God does not want any one of them to go to hell!  The Bible says, “The Lord … is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance” (2 Peter 3:9). God in His love sent Jesus to be the Savior of the world!  Let us be faithful to pray for the salvation of those that we love and who live with us Anson County!


Thank you for praying for the physical and spiritual needs of our friends and neighbors in Anson County!

Abbreviations: (ABA) Anson Baptist Association; (AC) Anson County; (ACC) Anson County Commissioners;

(ASB) Anson County School Board; (SS) Anson County Social Services


Emphasis: The lost, unchurched and our Baptist association

1  Ansonville Baptist Church

Pastor: Rev. Jeff Glenn

Lost family members

Town of Ansonville

ACC, Harold C. Smith

Lilesville Fire Dept.

Brown Creek B. Church

Pastor: Rev. Curtis Williams

Lost extended family

Town of Lilesville

ACC Clerk, Denise Cannon

Peachland Fire Dept.


3 Calvary Baptist Church 

Pastor: Rev. Barry Gerald

Lost friends

Town of Peachland

County Manager:

 Barron S. Monroe II


4 Cathedral Bapt. Church

Pastor: Rev. Randy Swaringen

Lost neighbors

Town of Polkton

Holly Thomas, 911 Director

County Crime

5  Cedar Grove Bapt. Church

Pastor: Rev. Mark Swaringen

Lost co-workers

Town of McFarlan

Cary Garner, Finance Officer

County Unemployment

6  Deep Creek Bapt. Church

Pastor: Rev. Mark Perko

Lost among the 12,700 African American population

Town of Morven

AC Sheriff Department

7  Deep Springs B. Church

Pastor: Rev. Henry Haney

Lost among the

 904 Hispanic population

Town of Wadesboro

AC Sheriff Landric Reid


8  Faith Baptist Church

Pastor: Rev. Rick Eason

29% who never attend church

Church Leaders

Ansonville Fire Dept.

9  Fall Branch Bapt. Church

Pastor: Rev. Arnold Jackson

25% who seldom attend church

Anson Baptist Association

Gulledge Fire Dept.

10  Freedom Bapt. Church

Pastor: Rev. Bill High

Those who are “backslidden”

ABA, Rev. David Ross, AMS

Lanesboro, Fire Dept.

Emphasis: Christian Social Ministries, Schools

Emphasis: Christian Social Ministries, Schools

11 Gum Springs B. Church

Pastor: Rev. Tom Walden

Anson Early College

ABA, Mrs. Kim Glenn

Wadesboro Fire Dept.


12  Lilesville Bapt. Church

Pastor: Rev. Teddy Lawson

Anson High School

ABA, Mark Perko

Fight against Covid-19 

13  Mineral Springs B. C.

Pastor: Rev. Marty Quick

Anson Middle School

ABA, Randy Storz

The Race to Vaccinate!

14 Morven Bapt. Church

Pastor: Rev. Tommy Threatt

Ansonville Elementary School

ABA, Kim Glenn

Atrium Health Hospt. Anson

15  Mount Beulah B. C.

Pastor: Rev. Randy Storz

Lilesville Elementary

ABA, Jennifer Tarlton

Meadowview Terrace of Wadesboro


16  Mount Carmel B. C.

Pastor: Rev. Tim Helms

Morven Elementary

ABA, Steve Lear

Anson Health & Rehabilitation

Drug & Alcohol Abuse

17  Mount Zion B. Church

Pastor: Rev. James Hodges

Peachland-Polkton Elementary

ABA, Fran Thomas

Lillie Bennett Nursing Center

“Skill Games” Gambling

 Prayer Walk or Ride Day!


18  New Home B. Church

Pastor: Rev. Scott Baucom

Wadesboro Primary School

ABA, Donnie Helms

Ambassador Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center


19  North Wadesboro B. C.

Pastor: Rev. Donnie Helms

Wadesboro Elementary

ABA, Deloris Thomas

ASB, George Truman- Chair

Gangs & Violence

20 Oakdale Baptist Church

Pastor: Rev. Tracy Hickson

School Superintendent:                  Dr. H. E. McLean

ABA, Ann Thomas

ASB, Frank Liles Vice Chair

Emphasis: County Leaders

21  Peachland Bapt. Church

Pastor: Rev. Jerome Cash

ABA, Andy Brewer

ASB, Marilynn Bennet

952 Families living in poverty

22  Pleasant Grove B. C.

Rev. Ozzie Vater (supply)

School Teachers

ABA, Janet White

ASB, Lisa Davis

23  Polkton Baptist Church

Pastor: Rev. John Greene

School Social Workers

ABA, Nancy Gulledge

ASB, Carol Gibson

24  Red Hill Baptist Church

Pastor: Rev. Rodney Clements

Other School Staff

ABA, Bob Wells

ASB, Bobby Little

Emphasis: Other Anson County Christian Ministries


25  Rocky Mount Baptist Church

Pastor: Rev. Billy Hill

Anson County Domestic Violence Coalition

ACC, Jarvis T. Woodburn, Ch

ASB, Gay Lookabill


26  Rocky River B. Church

Pastor: Rev. Dennis Stegall

Anson Crisis Ministry

ACC, Dr. Jim Sims Vice Ch

ASB, Beulah Pratt

Social Services (SS)

27 Southside Baptist C.

Pastor: Rev. Joe Railton

Burnsville Learning Center

ACC, J.D. Bricken

ASB, Mike Turner

SS, Lula Jackson, Dir

28 Victory Baptist Church

Pastor: Rev. Jimmy Knotts

Feed My Lambs Ministry

ACC, Vancine Sturdivant

SS, Kathy Welch

Those with mental health issues

29  Wadesboro First B. C.

Rev. Dr. Harry Workman (I)

Hope Pregnancy Center

ACC, Robert Mims

SS Lawrence Gatewood


30  Pray for the other churches        in our county.

Samaritan’s Inn Homeless Shelter, Rev. M. Chambers

ACC, Lawrence Gatewood

SS, Ross Streater


May 1: Love Anson Day