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Prayer Walking Your Community



Jesus traveled from town to town engaged in teaching the Word of God and ministering compassionately to those who had needs (Mark 9:35-36). The Bible commands us to pray for all people. “Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men” (1 Tim. 2:1). 


Prayer walking is one way to follow the example of Jesus and the commands of scripture. It is walking through your community with your eyes wide open to see how God would lead you to pray for your neighbors.  Real prayer is not praying for what you want for your neighbors, but God’s perfect and compassionate will for them.  Praying while walking through the neighborhood is praying for God’s blessings and will for each house and family.  It is seeking God’s provisions for their spiritual and physical needs.


As you walk, you may see a neighbor’s house whom you know is going through a hard time, and so you pray for their need. Another neighbor may be struggling with a rebellious teen.  You might see another house and wonder who lives there.  You might see children’s toys in the yard and feel led to pray for the salvation of the children or for strength and wisdom for the parents as they cope with the normal stresses of working and raising a family in today’s society.  Prayer walking is allowing the Holy Spirit to guide your prayers as you see different homes, people, businesses or needs.  It is lifting up your neighbors to Christ and asking Him to work in their families and lives for His glory.  Prayer walking is simply praying for your neighbors.


Preparing to Prayer Walk.


  • Are the houses in your community close together or far apart?  Is walking preferable or riding in an automobile?  With concerns about Covid-19, walking outside and staying physically distanced works well, but you may choose to ask only families or close friends to ride together to cover their community in prayer in a more rural area.

  • Divide your community up into streets or sections for each group to prayer walk or ride.  You don’t want everyone going to the same place. 

  • Pick a date. Our association is encouraging churches to prayer walk their communities on April 17th.

  • Plan to meet at the church on the day of your prayer walk for prayer, brief instructions and a prayer before the teams are sent out (30 minutes or less). Plan an hour for the Prayer Walk.

  • Plan to return to the church for a follow up - sharing time.


Instructions for Prayer Walking:


  • Prayer Walking should be done in groups of two or three.

  • Young children should prayer walk with their parents.

  • Highways or busy streets should not be assigned unless sidewalks are available.

  • Streets being Prayer Walked should be mapped out in advance to prevent streets from being   

  • walked twice.

  • Prayer Walkers should try not to draw attention to themselves.

  • Take time to enjoy the walk and be friendly to those you meet outside.

  • If you have items to put on the door handles of the homes, leave them without knocking.

  • If you encounter people in their yards, explain what you are doing and ask if they have any

       prayer requests of specific things you can pray for.


Instructions for Prayer Riding:


It is easier for walkers to pray as they slowly walk along together, but it can be more challenging while driving.  Everyone should keep their eyes open to see what God is showing them and may be leading them to pray for (especially the driver!). Sometimes it is possible to drive slowly, other times it is not.  We do not want to be a hindrance or a safety hazard to others who are driving behind us.  So, look for regular places to safely pull over, or pull off, to pray about the homes and families that you have just seen, but preferably, not in the driveways of strangers.


Praying While Walking or Driving


What should you pray for? What do you see?  Do you see evidence of children?  Does the person seem well off or poor? Do you know anything about the person who lives there that could inform your prayers for them? Make sure that you pray for the spiritual needs such as salvation, commitment to God, right relationship to the Father, etc.  Next pray for any physical needs that you are either aware of or that God places on your heart.


Praying for Christians


  • Pray for believers to be renewed in the joy of God’s salvation (Psalm 51:10-13).

  • Pray for believers to live a Christ-like character before the world (John 17:11).

  • Pray that Christians will experience the joy of Jesus in their lives (John 17: 13).

  • Pray for divine protection from Satan (John 17:15).

  • Pray that believers will live set apart and holy lives in Christ (John 17:17).

  • Pray for Christians to be united in the mission and purpose of Christ (John 17: 20-21).

  • Pray that believers will join Christ in His redemptive work (John 17: 24).


               (Copied from “Prayer/empower Weekend Coordinator Leadership Guide, p. 9)


Praying for the Lost


  • Pray for receptive hearts (Luke 8:5-15).

  • Pray for their eyes and ears to be opened (Matt. 13:15; 2 Cor. 4:3-4).

  • Pray for unbelievers to have and understand God’s attitude toward sin (John 16:8).

  • Pray for the lost to be released from barriers and strongholds that hinder faith

       (2 Tim. 2:25-26).

  • Pray for unbelievers to experience a transforming life in Christ (Rom. 12:1-2).

  • Pray for Christian witnesses to be sent to share Christ with the lost (Matt. 9:35-38).


                (Copied from “Prayer/empower Weekend Coordinator Leadership Guide, p. 9)

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